Lithuanian Entrepreneurs Discover New Opportunities with 3-in-1 Devices from ASHBURN International

The solution was presented in Vilnius at the Baltic Payment Forum.

The Baltic Payment Forum is being held in Vilnius for the second time and has already become a significant event in the payment sphere.
This year the event gathered more than 200 participants from 28 countries, including Lithuania, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Austria, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Romania, Finland, the UK, the USA, and others.

Implementing the 3-in-1 solution in Poland and the Baltic states was one of the topics discussed at the forum. For the first time in Lithuania, the ASHBURN International team presented a software product combining three functions: payment acceptance, cash registering, and fiscalization. ASHBURN International has already implemented similar solutions for banks in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Caucasus.

Ashburn International Expands its Presence in the European Payments Market

ASHBURN International has become a Platinum Sponsor of the Baltic Payment Forum. The company has been conducting business worldwide for over 25 years. Due to the strong ties with the Lithuanian financial community, the forum has special meaning for ASHBURN International.

At the event, ASHBURN International representatives gave a joint speech with its Polish partner Elavon. Experts discussed the modern SUNMI EFTPOS terminals advantages and collaborative projects in Poland in the near future.

Anton Savkin, Business Development Manager, ASHBURN International:

“Poland has a population of over 40 million people and a high rate of consumer activity. We set a goal to enter this market at the beginning of 2023 to expand our geography. A good working relationship with Elavon is beneficial to us. The company is one of the five largest payment service providers worldwide. Just in Poland, Elavon serves more than 150,000 payment terminals. Our first joint products are expected to appear on the local market by the start of the second half of 2024. Currently, we are working on certifying the devices for international and local payment systems. EFTPOS terminals will be able to support not only Mastercard and VISA payment methods, but also Amex, Diners Club, UPI, JCB, and the Polish payment system BLIK.”

At the presentation, Michał Kirszenstein, Strategic Partners Sales Manager at Elavon Financial Services DAC, also spoke about self-service devices’ growing role in HoReCa. In Europe, 4.5 million vending machines generate €20 billion annually. A key part of Elavon’s business is to provide secure and fast transactions at ‘digital’ points of sale. For this purpose, the acquirer uses modern equipment and software in cooperation with ASHBURN International. This approach allows optimizing the payment process and increasing customer satisfaction.

Lithuanian Retailers Will Be Able to Implement Online Fiscalization with 3-in-1 Capabilities

The 3-in-1 solution from ASHBURN International was the focus of the conference. The functionality is now available on SUNMI EFTPOS terminals. Firstly, these are Android-based P2 and P3 Mix devices.

SUNMI P3 Mix is a tablet terminal with a rotating stand. This is a completely new product for Lithuania. The device can be used in restaurants, cafes, and self-service shops to sell goods and services. The terminal allows for taking orders, scanning goods, processing card payments, and printing cheques.

SUNMI P2 is already well-known in the Baltic States market. The solution offers high-efficiency payment processing, so it is ideally suited for retail trade. This terminal has robust housing, an elegant design, and a large multi-touch screen. The device features NFC technology and can scan QR codes and barcodes.

Until now, only SUNMI P2 with a 1-in-1 payment solution is available in Lithuania. Through 3-in-1 functionality, merchants can replace additional devices for cash transactions and fiscalization with a single terminal.

Martynas Tiškevicius, Sales Manager Europe, ASHBURN International:

“Per industry experts, there are about 60,000 legacy cash registers in Lithuania. By 2025, merchants will have to change them to devices that support online fiscalization. There is already a way to do this now. Lithuanian tax inspection is ready to accept financial reports electronically.

ECRs (electronic cash registers) integrated with payment applications allow retailers to handle a wide range of trade transactions, including sales by cash, credit card transactions, refunds, discounts, and cancellations, as well as manage goods stocks and perform online fiscalization. Besides being convenient, it is also profitable.

Retailers can use the integrated 3-in-1 solution to optimize equipment costs, extend cash register functionality, manage payments flexibly and securely, and save time by eliminating manual labor.”

The implementation of 3-in-1 functionality was recently achieved in Moldova. By the end of 2023, Victoriabank will expand its acquiring network with 1,000 SUNMI P2 terminals running Android OS. The payment devices are managed through the TransLink.iQ system. Also, the product integrates with the software of various cash solutions providers and fiscal operators. Merchants can choose a service provider to suit their needs and connect the device with a payment solution via Plug-and-Play. Entrepreneurs in Chisinau have already appreciated the equipment.

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