Victoriabank in Moldova Implemented 3-in-1 Solution from ASHBURN International


At the beginning of 2024, Victoriabank successfully launched an innovative 3-in-1 payment solution on its SUNMI P2 EFTPOS terminals. ASHBURN International and Intelectsoft, a Moldovan cash solutions provider, jointly conducted the project. Entrepreneurs in Chisinau have already appreciated the equipment.

This product is unique in that retailers don’t need to buy two or three separate payment devices. The 3-in-1 terminal operates as a payment device, cash register, and fiscalization system.

Founded in 1989, Victoriabank was the first commercial bank in Moldova. The company aims to provide modern banking services for its customers. As a pioneer in the Moldovan banking industry, Victoriabank was the first to offer bank cards, self-service devices, and POS terminals, and launched mobile banking and contactless payment technologies. There are 70 branches of the bank throughout the country, which serve over 300,000 customers.

TransLink.iQ Integration with SUNMI P2 Terminals

In 2023, ASHBURN International won a tender to supply payment equipment for Victoriabank in Moldova. Thus, the bank purchased 1,000 SUNMI P2 terminals based on Android OS to expand its acquiring network.

Valeriu Stratan, Head of Card Processing Center at Victoriabank:

“Only 1.5 months passed between signing the contract and putting the devices into operation. The integration of TransLink.iQ Manager with the bank’s processing system was successful due to the coordinated and professional efforts of Victoriabank and ASHBURN International specialists”.

TransLink.iQ enables EFTPOS network management and real-time transaction monitoring. Payment terminals can also be expanded with additional features based on the bank’s needs. These services include accepting tips, QR code payments, barcode scanning, and separating transaction flows by end recipients.

Žoržas Šarafanovičius, CEO of ASHBURN International:

“We have developed a productive business relationship with the Victoriabank team. Thanks to our partner for effective communication and active involvement throughout the project. The Victoriabank was the first bank in Moldova to deploy a 3-in-1 solution on its payment terminals. The devices are compatible with Plug and Play technology. Thus, the equipment is ready to use. When the user plugs in the terminal, the system automatically detects and configures it for operation.”

Introducing the 3-in-1 Solution to the Moldovan Market

Moldova has a law requiring electronic payments fiscalization. Thus, retailers must have equipment in compliance with all government regulations.
The Sunmi P2 terminals offer three functions: integrated cash register software, payment application, and online fiscalization.
Retailers have shown high interest in the new product since its appearance on the local market. The SUNMI P2 multifunctional terminal is particularly relevant to small and medium-sized businesses. In the past, entrepreneurs had to use two or even three devices to conduct payment transactions. Usually, this is a button-based electronic cash register, a cheque printer, and a payment terminal. Now it is sufficient to have just one device.
For example, around 60,000 outdated cash registers should be replaced with multifunctional EFTPOS equipment in Lithuania by 2025.

Valeriu Stratan, Head of Card Processing Center at Victoriabank:

“Victoriabank is a longstanding business partner of Penki Kontinentai Group. ASHBURN International is a well-respected company with highly qualified specialists and a proven track record of reliability. These factors played an important role in choosing the company as a technological partner. Our team successfully integrated a complex cash register software and fiscalization module onto SUNMI P2 devices.

Through the 3-in-1 solution, retailers can reduce hardware costs and manage payments securely and conveniently. The SUNMI P2 has a large screen and user-friendly interface, as well as various useful features. Small and medium-sized businesses already use the 3-in-1 terminals in Moldova. There are Bakeries coffee chains, clothing shops, and other small and medium businesses.”

Sigitas Šniukas, Head of Sales at ASHBURN International:

“With the electronic cash register (ECR) integrated into the EFTPOS terminal form factor, retailers can process a variety of trade transactions, including sales by cash, credit card transactions, refunds, discounts, and cancellations, as well as manage inventory and fiscalization. Similar solutions have already been implemented in Central Asia and the Caucasus.”

Cooperation History:

ASHBURN International and BS/2, as subsidiaries of Penki Kontinentai Group, have operated in the Moldovan banking technology market for 24 years.

Together with BS/2, Victoriabank implemented modern self-service equipment in its fleet in 2022. Currently, ASHBURN International is modernizing the bank’s EFTPOS terminal network.