Implement new features on POS terminals

Acquiring business is one that is constantly evolving. New payment instruments appear regularly, the needs and demands of merchants change, banks are in search of new ways to attract customers and new services to provide.

Clearly there is a need to develop and implement new, non-classical functions on POS terminals.

One of the services ASHBURN International  provides is the outsourcing of acquiring networks. Because of this we are engaged not only in the development and implementation, but also in the operation of the TransLink.iQ software solution. Our own experience in using the platform allows us to set relevant goals for development: we develop and introduce new functions for POS terminals, based on the needs of our customers.

The ability to develop additional functionality of POS terminals is embedded in the very architecture of the TransLink.iQ software solution. Thanks to this flexibility, expanding functionality by adding non-classical functions is easy and requires much less resources than software from other developers.

As part of various projects, ASHBURN International specialists have implemented the following features on POS terminals around the world

Automate third party payments

Using the TransLink.iQ solution, POS terminals can be used to automatically pay for services of third parties: tax authorities, insurance companies, customs duties, etc. The user enters the identification number, amount, makes a payment on the terminal, and then the payment information is transmitted to the third-party information system.

Accept Non-Payment Cards

TransLink.iQ enables business to serve both payment and non-payment cards. Non-payment cards, such as discount cards, loyalty cards, bonus cards, can be serviced using bank acquiring hosts or non-bank hosts.

Accept payments from local payment service systems

The Translink.iQ solution allows servicing cards of local payment systems on POS terminals, using ID cards to accrue bonuses, and also provides opportunities for initiating payments using QR codes.

Accept payments on various self-service devices

TransLink.iQ can be used with various terminals of all shapes and sizes including specialized POS terminals integrated with payment kiosks, parking meters, post terminals, vending machines, etc. This makes it possible to pay for services through these self-service devices using payment cards, which increases the profitability of the infrastructure.

Integrate POS terminals with cash registers

The solution allows you to integrate a payment terminal with cash register equipment. Thanks to this integration, the throughput of cash desks increases, customer servicing time is reduced, and the probability of an error in entering the purchase amount at the terminal is eliminated.

Multi-merchant feature support

The TransLink.iQ solution allows you to use one physical device to make payments in favor of several sellers of goods and services. This reduces the cost of renting a POS terminal, since several merchants can use the same device at once.

Choosing the merchant who will receive the payment, can be done in various ways, even by using specialized merchant ID-cards.

Multi-banking feature support

The TransLink.iQ solution allows you to send transactions to various acquiring banks depending on the card parameters, which reduces the cost of transaction processing for merchants, and also in some cases makes it possible to save on acquiring fees.

Multi-language support

TransLink.iQ enables POS terminals to identify the language of the card holder and show the interface and receipt templates in that language. In addition, the merchant can select the menu language of the POS terminal from a list. This makes the use of payment terminals even more convenient and increases the loyalty of payers.

Transaction Stream Recognition

The identifiers of third party systems can be assigned to transactions (identifier of an insurance policy, a customs duty, a fine, personnel IDs) – this way the transaction flow is easier to work with and identify. Payment information is exported to third systems where it can be used to identify payments.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

POS terminals administered using the TransLink.iQ solution support the DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) function, which allows the payer to see the amount to be paid, denominated in a currency convenient for him/her.

Business Benefits

  • Development and modernization of the acquiring infrastructure
  • Improving the efficiency of the acquiring network
  • Increasing the profitability of the acquiring network
  • Reducing the cost of maintaining the fleet of POS terminals
  • Workflow optimization
  • Improving customer service and increasing customer loyalty
  • New client acquisition
  • Comprehensive monitoring and analytical reporting

TransLink.iQ applications

TransLink.iQ for acquiring bank

With TransLink.iQ the acquiring bank receives an effective tool for managing the POS terminal fleet and developing its own acquiring business. TransLink.iQ also reduces the operational costs and the time it takes to introduce new services.
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TransLink.iQ for processing centers

Using the TransLink.iQ solution allows the processing center to expand its portfolio of services for acquiring banks. A processing center can then provide POS terminals as a service on terms of sale or lease to banks-acquirers within a single ecosystem.
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TransLink.iQ for PSP companies

Using TransLink.iQ independent acquiring network outsourcing service providers can offer their services to various acquirers connected to different processing centers within a single well-functioning infrastructure. At the same time, they can ensure a competitive advantage in the market and reduce the cost of services by optimizing operating costs for POS terminals.
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TransLink.iQ for large retailers

Large retail chains are able to independently create their own acquiring infrastructure for receiving card payments in different countries with different banks and processing centers, while also minimizing the number of necessary integrations. In addition, TransLink.iQ allows retailers to save on acquiring tariffs. The solution can be integrated with existing loyalty systems.
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TransLink.iQ for online acquiring banks

Online banks get the opportunity to develop their own business in the field of merchant acquiring, offering more services to commercial customers with traditional (physical) points of sale. At the same time, the installation and support of the POS terminal operability at all stages of its operating cycle are carried out remotely, which minimizes the costs of online banking.
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Software Delivery Formats

The buyer is provided with a ready-made software solution that is hosted on the buyers personal servers.

The buyer is provided with a ready-made software solution that is hosted on ASHBURN International servers.

Software Payment Formats

Payment for access to the platform based on the number of licenses purchased.

Payment for access to the platform based on the number of POS terminals connected.

Payment for access to the platform based on the number of transactions.