TSP services in the Baltic states

ASHBURN International is a provider of TSP services for representatives of trade and service companies and the largest banks in the Baltic countries. We rent our own terminal equipment, offer comprehensive services for its maintenance, and also, with the help of the TransLink.iQ solution, we manage POS terminal networks and ensure uninterrupted delivery of transactions to acquiring banks.

ASHBURN International has been a payment service provider in the Baltic countries since 2002. Among our clients are the largest Baltic banks: SEB, Swedbank, Luminor, Citadele.

Trading and service companies from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia can directly conclude a lease of a POS terminal with ASHBURN International. You get an ever-working terminal connected to your chosen acquirer bank, and we ensure its uninterrupted operation.

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What do we offer

POS terminal rental

We rent POS terminals for merchants. All equipment is certified by VISA and Mastercard international payment systems with Baltic acquiring banks.

Transaction Delivery and Routing

Using the TransLink.iQ software solution, we provide fast and uninterrupted delivery and routing of transactions to all acquiring banks.

Trainings for using POS terminals

When installing POS terminals at points of sale, our specialists conduct initial training on proper use of equipment for merchants.

POS terminals Servicing and Maintenance

We have a wide network of service centers in all Baltic countries. Diagnostics and after-sales service of POS terminals are carried out as quickly as possible. If necessary, our experts go to merchants and carry out the necessary maintenance on the spot.

24/7 customer support

Our own support service advises customers around the clock on issues that arise during the operation of POS terminals. Among the problems that we solve are not only technical issues, but also issues related to the passage and delivery of transactions.

Faulty POS terminal replacement

As part of the SLA (Service Level Agreement), we quickly replace non-working POS terminals, so the merchant receives an always working terminal, and card payments are never interrupted at points of sale.


Your POS terminal will be able to accept cards issued by different banks. Translink.iQ software solution provides  transaction routing to different acquirer banks.

Connection to acquiring bank hosts

We offer the ability to choose which bank acquiring host to connect to. Thus, the merchant can choose which acquirer bank he prefers.


It is possible to accept payments in favor of different merchants from a single POS terminal.


We provide support for several languages on the POS terminal: the merchant can select the language he prefers from the device menu.

Cash Register Integration

Integration with the most common cash register software (both regional Baltic and international cash register software providers).

Upon request

  • Development and implementation of new functions for POS terminals
  • Development of individual projects and special offers for different segments of the retail and service sectors
  • Integration with external financial and non-financial systems
  • Integration with the merchant loyalty system
  • Development of necessary additional payment functions
  • Integration with business applications
  • Development and implementation of specialized solutions that automate business processes and customer service processes

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Retail pin pads


Designed specifically for retailers, the Lane / 3000 is a fast and reliable POS solution for increasing cross-border traffic at cash points.
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Desk / 3200 offers a unique seamless payment experience. The terminal manages Telium TETRA applications and meets future security standards.
Other models



The Move/2500 offers a seamless payment experience. A pocket-sized portable terminal, it complies with future security standards.
Other models