Special solutions for companies from different business sectors

ASHBURN International has been an expert in the acquiring industry for many years and provides consulting services to banks and trade and service companies, including consulting on business processes organisation. After understanding your needs and existing processes we can help optimize them, increase efficiency, reduce costs and more and provide a personalized solution. We also provide custom solution on an individual basis.

ASHBURN International also offers the development and implementation of special projects to expand the functionality of payment terminals for banks and representatives of trade and service enterprises.

Any custom project can be adapted to the requirements of the law, the regulator and the specific conditions of businesses.

Project examples

Integration of POS terminals with other devices

Using the TransLink.iQ solution, POS terminals can be integrated with various devices that transmit information about the product or the buyer to the payment terminal (for example, with barcode scanners).

Such integrations allow you to associate the product or service with the payment information, automate the input of payment information into the accounting system of the seller, reduce customer servicing time, increase the throughput of operator locations, and also simplify and automate workflow.

Integration of TransLink.iQ with external systems

To automate payments for third-party services, the TransLink.iQ software platform can be connected to external systems (servers of the customs, insurance company, etc.). The POS terminal becomes a kind of self-service device: after identifying the payer, he turns to the third system, where he receives the amount and payment details, which are then displayed on the terminal screen. Using this data, the user makes a payment, after which the payment information is transferred to the third party system.

Integration of the solution with external systems allows expanding the functionality of POS terminals and offering new services to device users.

Automatic receipt of payment parameters eliminates the likelihood of an error that is possible when entering them manually. The transfer of data on the fact of payment to the third-party information system eliminates the need to manually process the information, which greatly speeds up the process of processing payment documents.

Serving non-bank cards and alternative payment instruments

Thanks to the TransLink.iQ software solution, POS terminals can serve different types of non-bank cards (both payment, for example, prepaid cards of retailers, and non-payment, for example, discount cards, loyalty cards, bonus cards, ID cards, etc.). At the same time, non-bank card servicing can be carried out both using a bank acquiring host and using other specialized hosts.

Also, the TransLink.iQ solution enabled POS terminals to work with alternative payment instruments, for example, accept QR-code payments, etc.

Processing non-bank cards and alternative payment instruments allows banks to promote new products, strengthens relations with trade and service enterprises, and increases the loyalty of bank customers and end users of services.

Online fiscalization

Based on TransLink.iQ we’ve developed a special solution for POS terminals which allows you to implement the function of online fiscalization on devices when paying for goods (both by card and cash). Thus, the owner of the POS terminal fleet has the opportunity to turn their terminals into fiscal devices without buying additional equipment, simply by downloading the appropriate software.

Online transaction data is then transmitted to the fiscal authorities.

The implementation of this functionality allows the merchant to conduct activities that meet the requirements of the regulator in the field of fiscal legislation. Also, POS terminals with fiscalization of operations allow avoiding the purchase of additional equipment, are simple and convenient to use and manage.

Android Smart Checkout

Using the TransLink.iQ software solution, payment terminals that are running Android can implement smart cash register functionality.

To obtain such an integrated workplace, additional payment, cash and fiscal software is installed on the POS terminal. Management of this software, its parameters and updates is carried out within the framework of the TransLink.iQ platform. This reduces the maintenance costs for the owner of the POS terminal fleet, simplifies the administration of POS terminals, and also allows you to comply with the requirements of the regulator in the field of fiscal law.

Why ASHBURN International?

  • The flexible architecture of TransLink.iQ, provides a wide range integration opportunities
  • Many years of experience based on our own TSP activities in 4 countries and dozens of successful projects in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus
  • Turnkey project implementation – from developing a business concept to its implementation and providing operational support