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ASHBURN International is an official partner of Ingenico and offers a wide range of POS terminal models.

All POS-terminals that you can purchase from us are safe, reliable, simple and easy to use, regardless of whether it is a regular stand-alone terminal or a complex integrated solution.

Android EFTPOS-terminals

Android EFTPOS-terminals are mobile and compact universal solutions for stores of any format, combining the latest technologies of the payment industry and the smartphone industry. Most of these terminals have a large touch screen, on which various functions can be displayed for the convenience of the user.

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Mobile EFTPOS-terminals

Mobile EFTPOS-terminals are simple, compact and convenient payment terminals equipped with a battery. They are ideal for accepting payments in restaurants, bars, stadiums, public transport, taxis, in road trade and other mobile service points.

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Desktop Terminals

Desktop terminals are designed to accept payments in small stores, large supermarkets, banks and other places where you need to provide fast customer service and high throughput of cash desks. They are simple and intuitive to use, able to accept various payment instruments and have a large number of connection options (USB, RS232, Ethernet, 3G / GPRS, optionally WiFi and Bluetooth).

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Retail pin pads

Ingenico retail pin pads are some of the most widely used payment solutions in the world. They provide quick payments, work with different types of cards, and are ideal for use in retail stores, including at self-service checkouts.

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Unattended Terminals

Integrated solutions are designed for accepting payments for goods and tickets through self-service kiosks. They can also be installed at gas stations for self-service payments for fuel, for parking, for self-serv solutions for public transport, etc. Integrated terminals are compatible with most vending machines, and are capable of processing a large number of transactions, are vandal-resistant and work properly even in the most severe weather conditions.

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