ASHBURN International Entered Payment Market in Greece

ASHBURN International, a member of Penki Kontinentai Group, has taken a big step in expanding its presence in the European market. Successful cooperation with partners led to the launch of SUNMI P2 payment terminal in Greece.

ASHBURN International offers technology that facilitates rapid market entry through automation and affordable solutions. This approach simplifies and accelerates the integration of payment solutions for companies. A good relationship with one of our acquirer partners DECTA facilitated the establishment of a business relationship with Zipp Europe. This collaboration led to the rapid establishment of the processes required to deliver the project. From the start of negotiations to launching of the first terminal in Greece, it took less than three months.

The new terminals in Greece operate under the Translink.iQ system developed by ASHBURN International. This advanced solution ensures reliable and efficient transaction processing. The functionality of the company’s terminals has been adapted to work in the new market. For successful integration, the payment application was translated into Greek.

The first devices were installed in locations with many visitors, such as car rental agencies in different airports of the country, hotels in tourist areas, restaurants, and cafes. The maximum performance and adaptability of the company’s solutions allow them to efficiently handle loads and ensure the smooth functioning of payment systems even in high activity conditions.

Martynas Tiškevičius, Sales Manager of ASHBURN International:

“ASHBURN International’s collaboration with a European acquirer and a local payment facilitator demonstrates a successful partnership where each participant fulfills its function. Together, the three parties have created an efficient payment infrastructure in the Greek market. This example shows that partnerships can lead to the launch of competitive and marketable solutions that benefit companies and their customers.”

The appearance of ASHBURN International products on the Greek market shows that the company provides quality solutions and can implement them promptly under difficult conditions. Together with our partners, we will continue to spread our advanced technologies in European countries.

SUNMI P2 is a modern multifunctional device for making payments. The terminal combines ergonomic design and high-speed printing thanks to the built-in 58-millimeter thermal printer. A high-resolution touch screen display provides convenient operation and a high-quality display of information. Support for various payment methods makes SUNMI P2 an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who want to give their customers more options when paying for goods and services.

Zipp Europe is a fintech company providing various financial services and solutions. Its core business areas include online payment processing, including integration with various payment systems and business platforms, financial advisory services, and the issuance of physical and virtual cards.

DECTA is an international fintech company providing a full range of digital services. The organization is engaged in acquiring online payments, issuing debit and credit cards, and electronic commerce (e-commerce). The company’s solutions are used in more than 30 countries around the world.