Comprehensive analytics for acquiring business development

The TransLink.iQ software platform collects and processes the information necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the development of the acquiring business.

TransLink.iQ works with a wide range of analytical data and unlike most other TMS (Terminal Management Systems) combines the ability to manage both terminals and transactions.

TransLink.iQ collects data for online monitoring of the payment terminal network and the passage of transactions, after that it uploads the data collected to a separate database for retrospective analytics.

Online monitoring

TransLink.iQ software solution provides real-time information on the technical condition of POS terminals of various types from various manufacturers, installed software and applications, as well as information about transactions. Online monitoring allows you to quickly respond to any changes in the system, as well as control key performance indicators of acquiring equipment.

Retrospective analytics

At the same time, TransLink.iQ collects information that can be used for complex retrospective analysis, uploads it in a structured form to a database and generates reports in the framework of standard or custom templates. This allows you to evaluate the efficiency of the entire transaction system by various filters and parameters. Data is updated after each transaction, however, any frequency can be configured in the system.

External System Data

An important advantage of TransLink.iQ is the ability to load information from other external systems into a single database and generate aggregated reports. This is relevant in cases where the acquirer uses different software on payment terminals, as well as different POS terminal management systems.

The agvantages of TransLink.iQ comprehensive analytics

Assessment of the state of the device fleet

The solution provides information on the health of all connected POS terminals in aggregated form: device health, number of technical failures, types of incidents. This allows you to quickly respond to any malfunctions and quickly take measures to eliminate them.

Control the performance at every stage

TransLink.iQ allows you to evaluate the quality of the network to which the POS terminals are connected based on reports on the speed of transaction processing at different stages, the network load, the number and type of incidents related to the transaction. The software solution also monitors information about incorrect behavior of security equipment.

Transaction Passage Control

Information about transactions can be used to monitor the progress of transactions, monitor the speed of transaction processing, analyze the type of transaction, and in case of a failed transaction, determine at what stage of the acquiring infrastructure a failure occurred.

Analytics for Merchants

The solution provides analytical data on the number and type of operations for each point of sale and service. This data can be used to develop and improve the merchant’s business, can help make a decision about setting up shop in new locations and what equipment to invest in.

Security monitoring

TransLink.iQ monitors the cryptographic equipment in use and verifies the correctness of the cryptographic functions. This can help track attempts to make fake transactions.

Business Benefits

  • Develop and modernize the acquiring infrastructure
  • Improve the efficiency of the acquiring network
  • Increase the profitability of the acquiring network
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining the fleet of POS terminal devices
  • Optimize worflow
  • Improve customer service and increase customer loyalty
  • Attract new clients
  • Receive comprehensive monitoring and analytical reporting

TransLink.iQ applications

TransLink.iQ for acquiring bank

With TransLink.iQ the acquiring bank receives an effective tool for managing the POS terminal fleet and developing its own acquiring business. TransLink.iQ also reduces the operational costs and the time it takes to introduce new services.
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TransLink.iQ for processing centers

Using the TransLink.iQ solution allows the processing center to expand its portfolio of services for acquiring banks. A processing center can then provide POS terminals as a service on terms of sale or lease to banks-acquirers within a single ecosystem.
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TransLink.iQ for PSP companies

Using TransLink.iQ independent acquiring network outsourcing service providers can offer their services to various acquirers connected to different processing centers within a single well-functioning infrastructure. At the same time, they can ensure a competitive advantage in the market and reduce the cost of services by optimizing operating costs for POS terminals.
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TransLink.iQ for large retailers

Large retail chains are able to independently create their own acquiring infrastructure for receiving card payments in different countries with different banks and processing centers, while also minimizing the number of necessary integrations. In addition, TransLink.iQ allows retailers to save on acquiring tariffs. The solution can be integrated with existing loyalty systems.
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TransLink.iQ for online acquiring banks

Online banks get the opportunity to develop their own business in the field of merchant acquiring, offering more services to commercial customers with traditional (physical) points of sale. At the same time, the installation and support of the POS terminal operability at all stages of its operating cycle are carried out remotely, which minimizes the costs of online banking.
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Software Delivery Formats

The buyer is provided with a ready-made software solution that is hosted on the buyers personal servers.

The buyer is provided with a ready-made software solution that is hosted on ASHBURN International servers.

Software Product Payment Formats

Payment for access to the platform based on the number of licenses purchased.

Payment for access to the platform based on the number of POS terminals connected.

Payment for access to the platform based on the number of transactions.