Vilnius residents are spending more in cafes and restaurants, and tips are increasing too

According to ASHBURN International, a payment service provider for the country's largest banks and retailers, the average tip amount in the capital's cafes and restaurants is gradually increasing. Last year, the average tip size in Vilnius catering establishments was about 2.5 euros, while in the first quarter of 2023, it has already exceeded 3 euros. From 2022 to the first quarter of 2023, the average amount spent per restaurant visit changed by only one euro, from €20.90 to €21.90.  (more…)

Penki Kontinentai Group Implements Non-Standard Payment Solution in Georgia

The international group of companies Penki kontinentai has successfully implemented an innovative payment project on the Georgian market. BS/2 Georgia and ASHBURN International, both subsidiaries of the group, collaborated with TBC Bank, one of the country's largest banks, to develop an integrated solution for Meama, a coffee capsule manufacturer. (more…)

The Georgian Market Is Increasingly Interested in Lithuanian POS Terminal Management Solutions

One more Georgian bank is now using TransLink.iQ, ASHBURN International's software solution for POS terminal networks. Liberty Bank of Georgia purchased this system to handle its network of more than 5,500 POS terminals. The project was implemented by two companies from the Penki kontinentai group: ASHBURN International and BS/2 Georgia. (more…)

Ashburn International supports loyalty programs 

ASHBURN International, owned by the Penki kontinentai group, and Xalq Bank are implementing a joint customer loyalty program in Azerbaijan. Customers of the Azpetrol network can pay not only with the local currency (manats), but also with accumulated loyalty points, or 'oil'. (more…)

Tipping via POS-terminal is an innovation in the Lithuanian service market

“My tips” is a new service option in the Lithuanian restaurants.  Thanks to this feature, a service staff can receive tips directly to the card.   The innovation has become possible by ASHBURN International, which is a member of the Penki Kontinentai group of companies, in cooperation with SEB Bank, the State Tax Inspectorate (VMI) and the Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant Association.   (more…)

Georgian Banks Implement New Payment Terminal Options

In collaboration with the Georgian bank TBC Bank, ASHBURN International (part of the Penki kontinentai group of companies) developed and deployed on POS terminals the feature of payment for products and services without cash or bank cards. Clients may now conduct transactions by scanning the QR code from the terminal's display using the bank's mobile application. (more…)

BS/2 Georgia became Georgia’s official fiscal data operator

BS/2 Georgia and ASHBURN International, which belong to the Penki kontinentai group, are proud of their joint achievement - BS/2 Georgia has been registered as Georgia‘s official fiscal data operator! (more…)

ASHBURN International enters the market of Western Europe

ASHBURN International, which operates not only in the Baltic states but also in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, is now expanding its activities in Western Europe. (more…)

Unique acquiring ecosystem created and launched in Uzbekistan

ASHBURN International with the support of the National Interbank Processing Center HUMO realized the complex project of TransLink.iQ platform implementation for acquiring equipment network management and card transactions routing. (more…)

Modern SUNMI payment devices are gaining popularity in Georgia

In November last year, the Penki kontinentai group for the first time introduced the Android-based SUNMI smart POS terminal to the Georgian market. (more…)

Penki kontinentai group strengthens positions on the Georgian market

The Lithuanian companies ASHBURN International and Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2), owned by Penki Kontinentai group, are actively expanding their activities not only in the Baltic countries, but also in Central Asia and the Transcaucasia. (more…)

Android-based smart POS-terminals come to the Baltic market

ASHBURN International introduced to the market a modern solution for cashless payment acceptance. New SUNMI P2 payment terminals based on the Android operating system and running TransLink.iQ software have already appeared in retail outlets. (more…)