Tipping via POS-terminal is an innovation in the Lithuanian service market

“My tips” is a new service option in the Lithuanian restaurants.  Thanks to this feature, a service staff can receive tips directly to the card.   The innovation has become possible by ASHBURN International, which is a member of the Penki Kontinentai group of companies, in cooperation with SEB Bank, the State Tax Inspectorate (VMI) and the Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant Association.  

Card payments have already become a daily routine, while cafes and restaurants visitors in Lithuania and other European countries continue to be unable to tip by card.    

“We are pleased to be the first to implement the electronic tip function on our payment terminals,” says Egle Dovbišsienė, the Member of the Management Board of SEB Bankas and Head of Retail Banking Services.  

“This innovative way will allow visitors to pay for services in the cafes conveniently, waiters to receive additional income, and businesses to operate more efficiently, and motivate staff.”  

Using the new method of tipping, waiters will be able to legally increase their salaries by 260 euros per month. This is a no-lose method for low-income waiters as well as restaurants with high standards of transparency.   

All parties benefit from e-tipping    

“My tips” is a reliable way to pay for tips, since you may not have cash on hand at the most crucial moment. The client enters the amount he wants to leave on the POS terminal himself if he wants to thank the waiter. It is fast and convenient. The client does not feel pressure to leave additional funds. The waiter also does not feel uncomfortable offering to use the device to pay or scan the QR code,” says Žoržas Šarafanovičius, the Executive Director of ASHBURN International.  

 The new tip payment function makes it possible to attract additional revenues to the state budget. Lithuanian Association of Hotels and Restaurants estimates that if 4% of restaurant turnover goes to tips, the budget will receive an additional 10 million euros in 2023.  

Waiters can track their productivity online 

Each waiter is identified using an individual “My tips” card. He can work in different cafes and restaurants with one card, where electronic tip function on POS-terminals are available.   

Additionally, employees can track their tip statistics in their online accounts so they can evaluate their performance.    

ASHBURN International, which is licensed by the Payment Institution Limited, will transfer the tip within one to two days and pay the GST tax.

Not only waiters deserve tips

Restaurants and cafes are the most popular places where to leave tips is customary.

However, according to Žoržas Šarafanovičius, other services will able to follow suit. A lot of people will be grateful to handymen, taxi drivers, guides or other service providers for their quality work.

Digital tips not only increase the loyalty of waiters, but also enhance the restaurant image

Tipping is one of the most important motivators for waiters. Providing an innovative, legal, and convenient way to collect tips allows retailers to present themselves as modern, attractive, and honest establishment while also attracting new employees and customers.

Now a new way to leave electronic tips is available at Manami, Sugamour, Charlie Pizza, Katpėdėlė and other restaurants.
“Amber Food was the first restaurant chain in Lithuania to try out this innovation. The installation cost is low, since there is no need to purchase a separate device. You only need a POS terminal. In addition, there is no need to perform additional administrative work, distribute tips, as they go directly to the account of each waiter,” says Gediminas Balnis, director shareholder of Amber Food.

“Our waiters have already appreciated the convenient, fast and safe way to earn extra money. Furthermore, they like using modern Android-based terminals that print receipts for both the customer and the seller, as well as a separate receipt for the waiter that includes tips.”