Georgian Banks Implement New Payment Terminal Options

In collaboration with the Georgian bank TBC Bank, ASHBURN International (part of the Penki kontinentai group of companies) developed and deployed on POS terminals the feature of payment for products and services without cash or bank cards. Clients may now conduct transactions by scanning the QR code from the terminal's display using the bank's mobile application.

This innovative technique of cashless payments is becoming more popular throughout the world, and TBC Bank was the first in Georgia to provide it to clients. Users enjoy the approach because it simplifies the process: it is not necessary to search for a card in a trouser pocket or pull out a wallet from a bag and remember a PIN. This is why QR payments are often mentioned in the context of instant payments.  Banks, by having this feature available, not only keep their reputation as contemporary and technological institutions, but also broaden their audience by attracting clients who would like to make payments with QR.

Furthermore, ASHBURN International and TBC Bank collaborated on the “Buy now, pay later” functionality. This service is interesting to the wider public since it allows to purchase pricey items in installments. The bank allows clients to split the amount into four parts and pay it over the course of four months. Even if the user was unaware of the specific conditions, after scanning the QR code, this information and payment plan would be displayed to him. The approach is transparent and convenient, with the option to consent or decline.

Both push-button terminals and a new generation of Android-based devices support these two functions. This is made possible by ASHBURN International’s TransLink.iQ software solution for POS terminal network management and transaction routing. The software may be upgraded with extra functionality that extends the capabilities of payment devices, such as technology for performing transactions with a QR code.

“We aim to expand the functionality of POS terminals as much as possible in order to make them client-friendly and provide the clients with a broader variety of services to customers through these new features. At the same time, we help financial institutions gain an advantage over competitors, acquire regular clients, and earn extra money,” says Ramune Ruzgyte, sales manager at ASHBURN International.

TBC Bank has been working with ASHBURN International for many years. In Georgia, BS/2 Georgia, a subsidiary of the Penki kontinentai group, offers payment equipment leasing, maintenance, and repair services.