About us

“ASHBURN International”, a company installing banking payment card, e-commerce and loyalty system solutions, was established in 1998 as a subsidiary of the parent company “Ashburn International Holdings, Inc.” with the purpose of providing information technology solutions and outsourcing services to the customers of finance, commerce, telecommunications and service sector. In 2003, the company became a member of the group of companies “Penki kontinentai”.

“ASHBURN International” has established itself in electronic payment and services market in 2002, when it developed an e-commerce system for prepayment of bills, allowing mobile users to replenish their accounts in shopping centers. First authorization projects of loyalty cards marked with brands of international associations “VISA International” and “MasterCard Worldwide” were implemented on that same year.

Today, payment card authorization solutions are the main area of activities of “ASHBURN International” that includes development and deployment of integrated and standalone POS (Point of Sale) terminals in different points of sale in Lithuania and abroad. Services include programming, certification and installation of hardware and software required for payment card authorization, checkout operator training, consulting for sellers and troubleshooting.

Software and hardware for payment card terminals is certified and complies with the requirements of the EMV standard of international organizations “VISA International” and “MasterCard Worldwide”. In 2007, “ASHBURN International” authorization center was certified in accordance with the highest level international requirements of payment card data security PCI DSS Level 1. The company has certified channels for the transfer of bank card operations to the major commercial banks in Lithuania and their authorization centers – SEB, “Swedbank”, "Luminor" and “Citadele” via “FirstData Lietuva”.

Loyalty program design, development, support and maintenance is the second largest area of activities of “ASHBURN International”. For more than ten years now, the company has been successfully providing maintenance services of “IKI PREMIJA” loyalty system to the company “Palink”, which operates one of the largest trade networks in Lithuania. The company moreover takes pride in one of the largest loyalty projects in Lithuania, i.e. “Mylimiausia kortelė” that was launched in 2012 and unites five partners operating some of the largest trade networks – “IKI” trade network, “Senukai”, “ČILI”, “Gintarinė vaistinė”, “Statoil Lietuva”, SEB bank.

“ASHBURN International” can be called veteran in the field of prepaid mobile account replenishment solutions. Through both individual POS terminals and integrated cash register solutions, the company has the opportunity to sell all of the currently existing replenishment cards: “Ežys”, “Omnitel Extra”, “Omnitel Extra kodas”, “Labas”, “Labas Pasas”, “Pildyk” and “Pildyk ID”. Technologies operated by the company allow the traders to carry out distribution of any e-products or payment collection using both banking terminals and computerized cash registers. In 2011, “ASHBURN International” became a partner of “Statoil Lietuva” for the distribution of e-products in the Baltic countries and is currently actively expanding its services by introducing e-product distribution services in Latvia and Estonia.

Moreover, in 2011, “ASHBURN International” obtained a licence of payment institution with limited activities and currently offers its customers payment collection and remittance solutions across Lithuania.


Chronology of most important events in the history of “ASHBURN Iinternational”:


April, 2013

During the month the company successfully served a record number, i.e. more than 9,000,000 loyalty transactions.

April, 2013

“ASHBURN International” became an official partner of INGENICO S.A. in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. INGENICO S.A. is one of the largest manufacturers of POS terminals in the world.

April, 2013

The first cross loyalty system in Lithuania, i.e. “Medžio Centras REMONTO” was introduced. When purchasing goods from sellers of “Medžio Centras” (individual legal entities), system users receive loyalty points that can be used to buy goods from any other seller of “Medžio Centras”.

December, 2012

“ASHBURN International” implemented a technological solution for the integration of information systems of UAB “Gera Dovana” and “Statoil Lietuva” to sell gift sets of “Gera Dovana” through “Statoil Lietuva” network in Lithuania.

June, 2012

In cooperation with the insurance company "PZU Lietuva", "ASHBURN International" developed and introduced solution that allows customers to pay for insurance policies by means of payment cards using POS terminals integrated with barcode scanners; the insurer is enabled to use barcode to scan insurance policy data and process them in the accounting system.

February, 2012

“Mylimiausia” loyalty program uniting six leaders in their fields – trade networks “IKI”, “SENUKAI”, “STATOIL Lietuva”, “Gintarinė Vaistinė”, “ČILI” and SEB bank was launched. “ASHBURN International” uses the loyalty management system “PayLo” to serve all loyalty transactions of this program.

August, 2011

“ASHBURN International” started cooperating with “Swedbank”. Financial transaction processing center of the company began redirecting financial transactions to “Swedbank”.

June, 2009

Newly developed payment and loyalty management system “PayLo” by  “ASHBURN International” was introduced.

October, 2008

The company started supplying to the Lithuanian market POS terminals of one of the largest manufacturers of POS terminals INGENICO S.A..

September, 2007

“ASHBURN International” obtained first certificate in accordance with an international PCI DSS Level 1 standard that ensures the highest level of payment card data security. The certificate is renewed on the yearly basis.

September, 2007

“ASHBURN International” started using its network of POS terminals to serve “American Express” payment cards, by redirecting transactions to “Parex” bank.

May, 2005

The company introduced and started serving “LUKOIL” loyalty program.

April, 2005

The company started providing payment card-related services to “SNORAS” bank.

March, 2004

The company introduced and started serving “MAXIMA” loyalty program.

July, 2003

“ASHBURN International” became a member of the group of companies “Penki kontinentai”.

January, 2003

The company introduced and started serving “IKI Premija” loyalty program, by serving in its processing center all loyalty card operations performed in “IKI” network.

June, 2002

“ASHBURN International” started serving payment card operations by means of “ASHBURN International" POS terminals. Payments are redirected from “Statoil Lietuva” network to SEB bank (“Vilniaus bankas” at that moment).

May, 2002

“Statoil Lietuva” network started selling GSM prepaid codes in Lithuania.

February, 2002

“IKI” network started selling GSM prepaid codes.

January, 2002

The company developed e-commerce system for prepaid mobile accounts, which allows mobile users to replenish their accounts in shopping centers.

July, 1998

 “ASHBURN International” was established.