Anniversary of ASHBURN International: 25 years of leadership and innovation in payment technologies


In the summer of 2023, ASHBURN International celebrated its 25th anniversary. Over these years, the company has earned a reputation as a reliable provider of payment solutions. Today, ASHBURN International specializes in developing, implementing, and supporting software for transaction routing and POS terminal management – TransLink.iQ. The company also supplies infrastructure equipment and offers services to support acquiring networks.

Success Story

ASHBURN International was founded in 1998. The company was acquired by the Penki Kontinentai group, of which it is still a part. Its success story began in Lithuania with the implementation of a mobile payment system using prepaid codes. This is convenient for users, as they don’t need to visit the offices of mobile operators or banks to top up their account balance. The initial entity expressing interest in the system was Bite Lietuva, a major player in the telecommunications industry. The codes themselves were distributed by the Iki supermarket chain and the Statoil Lietuva gas station network, known today as Circle K.

Another significant achievement is the innovative project to replace outdated magnetic cards with more modern microprocessor-based ones using EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) standards. These standards ensure a higher level of security when making payments. ASHBURN International introduced the first card readers supporting these standards in Lithuania.

Additionally, loyalty projects have been successfully implemented. One notable project, “Iki Premija”, entailed centralizing the processing of all transactions made using the retail network’s cards at ASHBURN International’s data center. The rewards program at the “Europa” shopping center also garnered widespread acclaim. A unified client loyalty program was introduced for 80 companies offering goods and services within the shopping complex. ASHBURN International documented all daily activities and furnished reports to the sellers.

In pursuit of global expansion, the company strategically ventured into developing Translink.iQ. Facilitating operations between banks and card-accepting point-of-sale venues, this tool guarantees the secure and efficient delivery of these payments. The solution was awarded the gold medal at the “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2018” competition and the “Export of the Year” prize at the Lithuanian Business Confederation Awards “Service of the Year 2019”. ASHBURN International has been ranked among the TOP 10 Payment and Card Solution Providers in Europe by the magazine Banking CIO Outlook.

Alongside transaction processing services, modern POS terminals have been introduced to the local market, offering rental options and utilizing the Translink.iQ software platform.

Later, Android-based devices became part of the solution portfolio. By installing TransLink.iQ on such a terminal, the acquirer receives a multifunctional device that serves as a card reader, cash register, and fiscal module.

Here are the most significant projects implemented by ASHBURN International in various regions

The Baltic Countries

In this region, ASHBURN International actively collaborates with banks, insurance providers, brokers distributing their services, retail networks, pharmacies, and other entities.

In October 2022, in collaboration with SEB Bank, VMI, and the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Lithuania, ASHBURN International launched the My Tips solution, enabling customers to leave tips directly on the waiter’s or courier’s card account.


By working together with BS/2 Azerbaijan, ASHBURN International specialists successfully implemented the TransLink.iQ software project in the Azerbaijani processing center Azericard. BS/2 Azerbaijan can extend services to Azerbaijani banks, including transaction delivery, payment terminal maintenance, and seamless network management of these devices. Azericard functions as the central hub for processing financial data in the country, boasting certifications from international systems such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, UnionPay, and JCB. It handles transactions for payment cards issued by 17 banks.

It’s a significant move for Azer Turk Bank to acquire the TransLink.iQ solution. This project not only marks the debut of Ingenico-branded terminals in the country but also represents a forward-thinking step in modernizing and expanding Azerbaijan’s infrastructure. The adoption of innovative solutions like TransLink.iQ is a testament to the commitment to providing enhanced financial services and technology advancements in the region.

The incorporation of EFTPOS terminals from Azerbaijan’s leading corporate bank, PASHA Bank, into the platform represents a noteworthy advancement. The client’s interest in automating transaction processes and enhancing the functionality of terminals, incorporating features like customs service payments, dynamic currency conversion, and installment plans, demonstrates a forward-thinking approach. It not only streamlines transactions but also enhances the capabilities of the terminals to offer a more diverse range of services to clients.

The integration project of TransLink.iQ with the OPERA room reservation system in the Marriott hotel network has been successfully implemented. The implementation necessitated the integration of advanced functionalities, encompassing:

  • The ability to pre-authorize a credit card during room reservation,
  • Increasing the pre-authorization limit,
  • Payment confirmation,
  • Refund processing,
  • Transactions with manual entry of card numbers,
  • Pre-authorization on one terminal and completion on another.

This development enhances the overall capabilities of the system, providing seamless and versatile payment processes for hotel reservations within the Marriott network.


The first payment terminals with the Translink.iQ solution installed in Georgia made their debut in 2016. By June 2023, the network of supported devices has exceeded 40,000.

Оne of the major clients in this region is Liberty Bank, the third-largest bank in the country by assets. The institution chose software solutions from ASHBURN International, specifically opting for Translink.iQ. This decision was driven by its suitability for achieving long-term goals in developing the network of payment terminals. Translink.iQ is compatible with devices from various manufacturers, capable of seamlessly managing transactions involving different card types and payment systems, adheres to international security standards, and can efficiently handle a large volume of transactions.

The restaurant business highly appreciated the option of cashless tipping. This capability was introduced in the country’s dining establishments through terminals provided by the Bank of Georgia.

Thanks to the successful collaboration with BS/2 Georgia, which is also part of the Penki Kontinentai group of companies, another significant milestone was achieved: BS/2 Georgia became the operator of fiscal data in Georgia. The payment terminal Ingenico Move/2500 with an integrated SAM module has been successfully included in the registry of the State Tax Inspection of Georgia. Now, clients can make payments not only with payment cards but also with cash. This solution is particularly relevant for small supermarkets and small businesses.

In collaboration with TBC Bank, ASHBURN International developed and implemented a solution for terminals enabling the payment of goods and services without using cash or bank cards — instead, utilizing the mobile application. To complete a transaction, the buyer simply needs to scan the QR code displayed on the POS terminal. Furthermore, the partners introduced a “Buy Now, Pay Later” feature, allowing the bank’s clients to make installment purchases, especially for high-value items.


ASHBURN International has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the Unified Republican Processing Center of Uzbekistan. The agreement entails the integration of over 50,000 POS terminals into the TransLink.iQ platform, as well as the supply of new payment terminals and the implementation of over 250,000 software licenses for the administration of the POS terminals managed by the Unified Republican Processing Center. These terminals belong to 28 banks.

With the participation of the National Interbank Processing Center HUMO, a unique payment ecosystem has been established, with the involvement of 15 banks in the country. This comprehensive project involved the implementation of the TransLink.iQ platform to manage the network of acquiring equipment and route card transactions. As a result, banks now have the capability to offer acquiring services to businesses using both standard payment terminals and devices with online cash register functions.

Moving forward!

In the summer of 2023, ASHBURN International made the strategic decision to expand its reach and entered the Polish market with its solutions. In Poland, ASHBURN offers a multifunctional 3-in-1 payment terminal with card reader, cash register, and fiscalization features, along with a digital tipping solution. The company is actively seeking partners, acquirers, and fiscal operators in the region.

Additionally, ASHBURN International’s solutions are being utilized by acquirers, processing centers, and merchants in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Latvia, and the United Kingdom. The journey continues to broaden its impact!

CEO of ASHBURN International Žoržas Šarafanovičius:

The banking sector is constantly evolving, and we strive to stay ahead of trends by providing innovative solutions. Our strategy involves continually expanding the functionality of payment devices to offer customers a convenient payment experience and a variety of services. This fall, we are implementing seven new projects to deploy payment infrastructure. The ability to adapt flexibly to market demands and the development of our own software not only enable us to support but also enhance the competitive advantages of financial institutions, opening up prospects for sustainable growth.

ASHBURN International Today

In ASHBURN International’s portfolio today, we support over 300,000 EFTPOS terminals operating on the TransLink.iQ platform, processing over 30 million transactions monthly, and providing support for more than 10 terminal brands. We’re proud of the impact we’ve made and continue to make in the dynamic landscape of electronic payment solutions.