Penki kontinentai group strengthens positions on the Georgian market

The Lithuanian companies ASHBURN International and Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2), owned by Penki Kontinentai group, are actively expanding their activities not only in the Baltic countries, but also in Central Asia and the Transcaucasia.

Penki Kontinentai group has been operating in the Georgian market for six years. The company achieved impressive results last year. Penki Kontinentai is a payment terminal service provider. The company currently operates 30,000 terminals in Georgia. A small part of the terminals was sold to banks. The remainder was leased out to ensure the secure transmission of payment transactions. Specialists of the local company BS/2 Georgia are engaged in servicing payment equipment in the country.

TransLink.iQ software solution was developed by ASHBURN International. TransLink.iQ guarantees smooth operation of all devices. This software solution is designed to administer networks of payment terminals, track and distribute transactions in real time. Nikoloz Kukudzhanov is the supervisor of the maintenance BS/2 Georgia. He notes that banks trust the installation and maintenance of payment terminals to qualified specialists of BS/2 Georgia. TransLink.iQ provides a large flow of payment transactions, secure and uninterrupted operation of terminals in Georgia.