New Android-based EFTPOS terminals and the TransLink.iQ system were presented at the PLUS-Forum in Uzbekistan


For ASHBURN International, the PLUS-Forum “Fintech, Banks, and Retail” is not only a demonstration platform for its products and solutions but also a place for successful networking. More than 20 meetings were held between company representatives, partners, and customers in Tashkent. 

Uzbekistan doubled its non-cash payments in 2022 

ASHBURN International places a high priority on Uzbekistan’s payment market. Currently, cash remains a popular payment method in the country. However, due to the involvement of the National Bank and other state institutions, a clear trend has been established toward cashless payments. The share of electronic transactions in trade was 41% in 2022.

According to the latest statistics, 37.5 million payment cards are in circulation in the Uzbek market, out of which 6.2 million are from international payment systems. Compared to last year, non-cash payments increased almost twofold. 

At the PLUS-Forum, ASHBURN International presented a wide range of terminal equipment. Devices such as PAX and Ingenico are already available in Uzbekistan. Additionally, Android-based EFTPOS terminals BankPRO and SUNMI P2, which run on Android OS, were showcased.

The TransLink.iQ software was also presented at the exhibition. In fact, the system was connected to a test environment to demonstrate it to potential customers. The software solution enables users to remotely monitor and manage the network of payment terminals, track transactions remotely, manage encryption keys, and update the software on payment terminals using a web interface. 

ASHBURN International doubled its customer base in Uzbekistan

The ASHBURN International team continues to work on registering and connecting new terminals to the HUMO processing center for banks using TransLink.iQ Manager. The number of banks connected to the system in the country doubled by the end of July 2023.

During the visit to Tashkent, the ASHBURN International team had more than 20 productive meetings with key partners and customers. The trip included a number of meetings with representatives from Uzcard, HUMO, SmartONE, as well as banks from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

Thus, ASHBURN International continues to contribute to the development of the market in Uzbekistan by providing advanced solutions and technologies for electronic payment systems.