“Medžio centras” has introduced the first cross loyalty system in Lithuania

Shopping center of finishing products "Medžio centras" located in Vilnius has introduced the first cross loyalty system in Lithuania. This project has been implemented in the specialized shopping center unifying more than 50 different sellers by "ASHBURN International".

When shopping in any of the shops of "Medžio centras", buyers accumulate points that can be later used in any of the center's shops to cover up to 50 percent for the purchases. VIP buyers are also provided with a fixed instant discount and additional loyalty points.

Cross loyalty program enables the participating companies to create synergy by combining and making more efficient use of databases of identified customers in carrying out joint promotions and marketing communication, monitoring and analyzing customer buying habits. Joint loyalty points awarded to participants of the loyalty program / card holders become more valuable, i.e. the customers have more options to choose where to use the accumulated points.

"Development and introduction of the new loyalty system will encourage buyers to come back to shop at "Medžio centras", will form a stable customer base and image of an integrated shopping center, will stimulate the sellers to compete for customers more actively", says Executive Director of "ASHBURN International" Žoržas Šarafanovičius.

"ASHBURN International" can implement cross loyalty system in any shopping center or through an integration of several partners.

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