TransLink.iQ and Ingenico terminals for Azer Turk Bank

The Azerbaijani state-owned bank Azer Turk Bank has purchased a TransLink.iQ solution for EFTPOS networks monitoring and managing, developed by ASHBURN International.

The project was implemented in cooperation with BSKOM, a subsidiary of BS/2, which offers specialized solutions to financial and trade organizations. As a result of this project, the bank obtained the country’s first payment terminals manufactured by Ingenico.

TransLink.iQ ensures secure transaction routing. It is a convenient tool for remote EFTPOS terminal management. The software solution allows accepting payment by credit cards of both local and international payment systems. Automation of downloading and exchanging security keys, which the TransLink.iQ system uses, can simplify the process of installing terminals at bank customers. The multi-vendor system TransLink.iQ provides the ability to connect EFTPOS terminals of different manufacturers, which is especially important for Azer Turk Bank.

“Over the past five years, the volume of non-cash transactions with payment cards in Azerbaijan has increased by 5 times, and the number of cards reached 7.5 million. Our bank develops cashless payments in the country. We are interested in automating daily transaction processing processes. TransLink.iQ system meets our expectations in terms of business development,” says Namid Abdulov, Head of the Plastic Card Department at Azer Turk Bank.

The bank-owned terminals and the new Ingenico devices (Move 2500 series), supplied by ASHBURN International, are already connected to a multifunctional module TransLink.iQ Manager that performs remote terminal management and parameterization.

“Azer Turk Bank successfully implements various projects to increase the availability of financial services in Azerbaijan. We are pleased to cooperate with the bank, which for the first time in the country provided its customers with the terminals of Ingenico, the world leader in the field of fast payments,” says Žoržas Šarafanovičius, Executive Director of ASHBURN International.

According to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, the number of EFTPOS terminals reached 65,200 units (35 percent increase) in 2019. The volume of non-cash payments on all payment cards increased by 57 percent, electronic trading operations by 93 percent.

Azer Turk Bank is a modern bank that has own processing center, provides a wide range of financial services, and introduces modern banking technologies.