The synergy of ASHBURN International and E21 PARTNERS

ASHBURN International, a member of the Penki Kontinentai Group, has entered into a partnership agreement with the international holding E21 PARTNERS.

The E21 PARTNERS Group specializes in the development of solutions for Financial Technologies, Electronic healthcare, and “LegalTech”. The headquarters of the holding is located in Barcelona (Spain), software development is carried out in several countries, and equipment production is in Shenzhen (China). The Group employs over 300 IT industry professionals with extensive experience in high-tech projects.

“The geography of our Groups’ activities coincides, so we found the synergy immediately. We work in the same markets and build a business development strategy in the same directions. Geography of interests is the European Union, Africa, Latin America, and the United States. We plan to introduce a new joint product there,” says Žoržas Šarafanovičius, Executive Director of ASHBURN International.

The innovative solution was developed in the course of cooperation between ASHBURN International and E21 PARTNERS. It consists of an Android terminal, the Translink.iQ SmartPOS and two others applications – cash and fiscal, supporting online payment fiscalization. One terminal has the functionality of 3 devices at once: a payment terminal, a cash register, and a fiscal module.

As Žoržas Šarafanovičius notes, the broad functionality of the TransLink.iQ system provides the ability to integrate with different applications. The flexible architecture lets to add the necessary functions at the client’s request. The work on improving the product does not stop. The combination of cash, payment, and fiscal applications is configured for each specific country, considering the requirements regulated by the government.

“We are pleased to cooperate with ASHBURN International, which is an expert in the acquiring industry. While developing the project for the new terminal, we were looking for partners to implement the payment function on a global scale. The professionalism and competence of ASHBURN International determined our choice. The TransLink.iQ system allows us to enter new markets and connect new acquirers quickly,” says Pavel Voloshin, CEO and founder of E21 PARTNERS.

According to him, the benefits of using the new solution are evident to all market participants. Merchants optimize costs by purchasing one device instead of three. Acquiring banks expand the range of services. The government collects sales information and monitors taxes through online fiscalization. Payers receive a convenient means of payment with the possibility of paying both in cash and by card.

“We have started with this project in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan and hope for high demand everywhere. Our approach to each client is not only in terms of solution localizing. Sales are also carried out in different models, the specifics of which are discussed with the organization,” says Kristijonas Dunauskas, Head of Business Development at ASHBURN International.