TransLink.iQ for POS terminal network management and transaction routing

10 mln+ transaction within outsourcing projects
300k+ TransLink.iQ Smart POS licenses sold

The TransLink.iQ software solution is designed to help manage POS terminal networks, route transactions and monitor the flow of transactions in real time. In addition it helps develop and implement additional functionality for acquiring equipment and add new features to the basic set of payment terminal functions.

TransLink.iQ is a fully multi-vendor solution enabling businesses to use all available features on POS terminals from different manufacturers within a single management system.

The TransLink.iQ platform has been developed with the requirements of international payment systems in mind and is PCI PA-DSS certified and EMV compliant.

TransLink.iQ Features

Centralized POS terminal fleet management

Comprehensive monitoring of POS terminals statuses and transactions in real time

Online fiscalization integration

Automated Encryption Key Management

Analytical reporting on the operation of POS terminals and transaction flow

Multi-banking support

Decentralization of Terminal Distribution

Multi-hosting support

Multi-merchant support

Integration with cash registers

Transaction Stream Recognition

Transaction routing

The TransLink.iQ software solution consists of several modules, each of which provides specific functionality.

TransLink.iQ Manager

  • Transaction routing
  • POS terminal network management
  • Comprehensive monitoring of terminal devices in real time
  • Remote software download
  • Data exchange with the acquiring system of the processing center
  • Data channel encryption
  • Automated Encryption Key Management
  • Transfer fiscal data to an external system

TransLink.iQ Smart POS

  • Support for payment functions on POS terminals of different manufacturers
  • Providing the ability to service cards of various payment systems
  • Adaptation of software for servicing national payment systems
  • Execution of financial and non-financial transactions
  • Multi-merchant function support
  • Defining a unique check template
  • Card holder language support
  • Fiscal data processing application

TransLink.iQ xConnect

Provides a link connections between TransLink.iQ Smart POS and cash register software

Works with different operating systems of cash equipment

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TransLink.iQ Reporting

  • Export data to external systems for business intelligence and other needs
  • Import data from external systems into a single database
  • Generate reports using templates required by the customer

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TransLink.iQ applications

TransLink.iQ for acquiring bank

With TransLink.iQ the acquiring bank receives an effective tool for managing the POS terminal fleet and developing its own acquiring business. TransLink.iQ also reduces the operational costs and the time it takes to introduce new services.
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TransLink.iQ for processing centers

Using the TransLink.iQ solution allows the processing center to expand its portfolio of services for acquiring banks. A processing center can then provide POS terminals as a service on terms of sale or lease to banks acquirers within a single ecosystem.
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TransLink.iQ for PSP companies

Using TransLink.iQ independent acquiring network outsourcing service providers can offer their services to various acquirers connected to different processing centers within a single well-functioning infrastructure. At the same time, they can ensure a competitive advantage in the market and reduce the cost of services by optimizing operating costs for POS terminals.
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TransLink.iQ for large retailers

Large retail chains are able to independently create their own acquiring infrastructure for receiving card payments in different countries with different banks and processing centers, while also minimizing the number of necessary integrations. In addition, TransLink.iQ allows retailers to save on acquiring tariffs. The solution can be integrated with existing loyalty systems.
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TransLink.iQ for online acquiring banks

Online banks get the opportunity to develop their own business in the field of merchant acquiring, offering more services to commercial customers with traditional (physical) points of sale. At the same time, the installation and support of the POS terminal operability at all stages of its operating cycle are carried out remotely, which minimizes the costs of online banking.
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Software Delivery Formats

The buyer is provided with a ready-made software solution that is hosted on ASHBURN International servers.

The buyer is provided with a ready-made software solution that is hosted on the buyers personal servers.

Software Product Payment Formats

Payment for access to the platform based on the number of licenses purchased.

Payment for access to the platform based on the number of POS terminals connected.

Payment for access to the platform based on the number of transactions.