ASHBURN International Integrated Uzcard and Mir Payment Systems

ASHBURN International, a developer and supplier of flexible innovative solutions for acquiring organizations, carried out the integration of Uzcard and Mir payment systems. From now on, residents can pay with cards of the Russian payment system in Uzbekistan.

This project continues cooperation between ASHBURN International and the Common Republican processing center (CRPC), which is the operator of the Uzcard national payment system and services over 18 million plastic cards, as well as provides services to 29 banks in Uzbekistan. The TransLink.iQ system developed by ASHBURN International allows EFTPOS terminals to accept cards of all payment systems operating in Uzbekistan: Uzcard, Mastercard, VISA, and now Mir. This functionality simplifies the work of not only the CRPC but also trade organizations that can accept payment cards of various systems in one terminal.

“Day after day, Uzbekistan creates new opportunities for the development of the banking sector in the field of customer service and acquiring international payment systems. To ensure the interaction of Uzcard and Mir payment systems, we carried out the necessary integration. It became possible to use the payment system of the Mir system in Uzbekistan,” said Žoržas Šarafanovičius, Executive Director of ASHBURN International.

Uzcard and Mir agreed on acquiring cards of the Russian system and issuing co badging cards in March 2019 as part of the International Finance and Banking Forum in Tashkent. Issuing cards in cooperation with the Mir payment system opens up new opportunities for foreign tourists and owners of local retail outlets, which helps to improve the tourist climate in Uzbekistan. The badged Uzcard-Mir card allows payments in two payment systems. It can be used both in Uzbekistan, where the calculation is made on Uzbek soums, and in Russia – in rubles.

Mir cards are accepted in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan.