“TOKS” loyalty program “Būk arčiau”

Loyalty program of the company "Tolimojo keleivinio transporto kompanija" called "Būk arčiau" (Eng. "Be Closer") was developed and introduced by the company "ASHBURN International". The loyalty system was implemented by means of payment and loyalty management system "PayLo" designed and developed by "ASHBURN International".

"Būk arčiau" loyalty system is intended for both natural and legal persons who are customers of the passenger transport company. Legal persons are allowed to buy tickets on loan which is very convenient for companies purchasing TOKS services.

Other projects

PayTaxi payment and loyalty solution

ASHBURN International, UAB, (ASHBURN) has adapted the usual payment card technology for taxi companies and developed PayTaxi payment and loyalty solution.

“MYLIMIAUSIA” loyalty program

"ASHBURN International" has ensured technical implementation of “MYLIMIAUSIA” loyalty program and real-time support of the system operation.