Effective payment solution for insurance policies

On order from UAB DK "PZU Lietuva", "ASHBURN International" installed POS terminals with barcode scanner function in 2012. This technical solution allows a customer of the insurance company to pay for an insurance policy by a payment card, and the insurer - to read the data of the insurance policy from a barcode. This is done by a barcode scanner connected to a bank card reader. The amount decoded by means of a barcode is automatically shown on the screen of a POS terminal - the customer simply has to insert the payment card, enter a PIN code and confirm the amount. Policy information reading also eliminates the possibility of human error - there is no need to enter the amount of payment manually into a POS terminal.

At the end of a working day, the insurance company receives a report with summarized necessary data, decoded from barcodes scanned during the day. The insurer imports this information into its accounting system and, thereby, reduces the scope of manual work.

"ASHBURN International" has installed similar solutions in such insurance companies as "Lietuvos Draudimas" and "Gjensidige Baltic".

This technical solution is versatile and can be applied in all companies which are interested in accepting customer payments as well as convenient and efficient scanning of data from a barcode and automatic systematization of the data in their accounting.


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