“MYLIMIAUSIA” loyalty program

"ASHBURN International" has ensured technical implementation of "MYLIMIAUSIA" loyalty program and real-time support of the system operation. This loyalty program unites six business partners that are leaders in their fields: trade network "IKI", gas station network "Lietuva Statoil", restaurant chain "Čili", "Gintarinė vaistinė", trade network "Senukai" and SEB bank.

Highly innovative and attractive technological solution implemented combines functions of cards of different sellers and service providers in a single card: payments by bank cards, membership in a loyalty program (accumulation and use of loyalty points, accumulation of discounts, etc.), accounting of virtual money and other functions.

Technical solution when one card includes integrated functions of cards with different purposes is a versatile and easily adaptable in any commercial environment.

This project was implemented by means of payment and loyalty management system "PayLo" designed and developed by "ASHBURN International". Integration with all members of the project was performed in order to redirect transactions carried out using the cards in different points of sale to "PayLo" system that carries out accounting of loyalty points and discounts received; each of the partners can manage the data of card holders, analyze their behaviour, loyalty points or discounts provided and, on the basis of this analysis, to make effective business decisions.

Loyalty card transactions take place in real time (online): when the card is used, the system verifies its validity, adds or withdraws loyalty points, calculates discounts accumulated and performs other operations. Customers with "Mylimiausia" card will also find convenient the possibility to check online the amount of accumulated points, discounts, etc. of different partners. In other words, full history of card transactions is presented.

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