One payment terminal for several sellers (Multi Merchant)

The company "ASHBURN International" has introduced new functionality and started implementing terminals that stand out for the fact that a single device can be used by multiple sellers or service providers located in the same space, i.e. all those who wish to offer their customers opportunity to pay by card, but unable to afford it due to excessive terminal maintenance fees.

Multiple small sellers or service providers can share a terminal that supports this functionality: each will serve its customers, receive money to its account and reports on sales made.

One device can be equipped with as many as 10 virtual terminals with a separate account for each entity. Sellers or service providers simply have to enter a password and they will log in to their virtual terminal as well as be able to carry out usual payment procedure.

The solution is versatile. It is designed for both market sellers working in the same space and all other sellers, participants of fairs and exhibitions, providers of various entertainment services, hairdressers, beauticians, other employees of beauty parlours, etc. This solution will be beneficial to the owners of small businesses and service providers operating in different areas, but in the same space, whose turnover is rather moderate and who can not afford having a bank terminal individually, but who wish to provide their customers with possibility to conveniently pay by means of payment cards

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