Portable POS terminals for HoReCa sector

More than 200 locations accepting payment cards, including "Mambo" pizza chain of "Vičiūnų restoranų grupė", "Delano" restaurants, etc. successfully use portable card readers offered to the market by "ASHBURN International" along with its partner JSC "UCS Baltic". Devices integrated with the cash register system help improve productivity of the staff, serve customers in a faster and high-quality manner as well as plan the work of the staff more effectively.

This is an attractive solution that provides catering staff with possibility to accept card payments at a customer's table, because all check-related information is automatically sent by the cash register system to the card reader via wireless Wi-Fi connection. On the screen of the device, sellers are able to view orders from all tables and choose the table that wishes to pay the check from the list.

Portable card readers facilitate the work of catering staff - amounts to be paid no longer have to be manually entered in the terminal before customers enter their PIN code - this is automatically done by the system. This helps avoid undesirable errors and misunderstandings and customer service becomes more expeditious.

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