Payment and loyalty management system

Payment and loyalty management system "PayLo" developed and maintained by "ASHBURN International" is a versatile trade, payment and loyalty scenario management tool operating through integrated checkouts or individual payment card terminals.
Modular "PayLo" system is geared to meet various needs of different business segments in the area of payment and loyalty system management. The system includes all stages of loyalty program implementation and maintenance: from the initial customer identification and provision of means of identification to them to the development of loyalty scenarios, processing of loyalty transactions and analysis of data stored in the program.

When implementing payment-loyalty programs in the "PayLo" system, we use various means of customer identification and their scanning devices:
Means of identification of customers, i.e. payment-loyalty program participants:

Payment-loyalty cards:

Virtual customer identification:

Various devices used to identify customers at points of sale:

"ASHBURN International" works in accordance with the top-level international payment card security standard PCI DSS Level 1 that ensures physical and virtual security of data. This standard includes strict requirements for hardware and software, company's internal processes, IT architecture, software development processes and documentation.